Are you spending too much time online?

Are you spending too much time online?
Photo by Trenton Stevens on Unsplash

Digital devices - phones, computers, iPads or tablets are an important part of our world.  They help keep us entertained, educated and connected.  BUT are you spending too much time online?

Did you know too much time online can;

  • impact your sleep
  • hurt your eyes
  • impact your friendships and relationship with your family
  • reduce your creativity and ability to think for yourself
  • reduce your ability to move and develop your motor skills
  • impact your health through lack of movement and poor food choices

There needs to be a balance! The World Health Organisation suggests kids aged 10-18 should spend no more than 1-2 hours on their devices in a day.  And that shouldn't be every day!

We recommend a few simple steps;

  1. Create a plan - sit down with your family and agree a plan to reduce your screen time
  2. Make a list of other things to do instead of being on your device.  Go for a walk, kick a ball, do some drawing or reading... there are so many great options!
  3. Put your device away when you have finished your screen time.  Out of sight, out of mind!
  4. Look at a reward system for reducing your time online.  Can you have a pizza and movie night at the end of the week if the family has stuck to the new routine?
  5. Ask the adults in your life to do the same!  

Obviously Zown is about time online... but we don't want you on here a lot!  Just check in to find information and to get your positivity fix then go out and do some cool stuff (lots of ideas in the Boredom Buster section!)

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