Gratitude is great in so many ways!  

Did you know practicing gratitude has been scientifically proven to;

  • make people happier
  • allow us to relish (enjoy) good experiences
  • improve health physically and mentally
  • build stronger relationships with people
  • improve sleep
  • increase immunity to sickness
  • decrease likelihood or severity of anxiety, depression and impacts of disease
  • inspire compassion

(This information comes from credible organisations like Harvard University and the Mayo Clinic - it's true!)

Gratitude sounds pretty awesome to me!

Here are some ways YOU can practice gratitude...

  1. Simply write down (or record in your phone) what you are grateful for.  It could be a sunny day, a friendship, a great bus ride or an opportunity for the future. You can be grateful for ANYTHING - and what you are grateful for can be different to everyone else!
  2. Start a Gratitude Jar - at home, at school - wherever!  Simply write on a piece of paper what you are grateful for... if you are ever feeling a bit sad, empty the jar and read your snippets of gratitude from the past!
  3. Best and worst of the day or week.  Go around the dinner table and think about the best and worst things that have happened to you that day or week, remembering that sometimes things can be BIG and other times small!  We like to throw in 'funniest' or 'most unusual' thing that has happened too, just to keep it interesting!  There are no wrong or right answers.
  4. Go through the Gratitude Alphabet!  This is a great one for a family car trip or a bus trip for an excursion... start with the letter A and think of something starting with A that you are grateful for.  The next person thinks of something starting with B etc.
  5. TELL someone if you are grateful for them. Not only will they feel great, you will too!

I'm super grateful for YOU - being part of our Zown community!

What are you grateful for?